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LCA2013 Wrap(-ish) - slides for my talk

Well I am home again.  I spent about 15 hours on the road including breaks, and actually somewhat enjoyed the trip.  I actually would have liked to have taken a couple of days and spend a bit more time enjoying the scenery and stops but I had the feeling our children were driving my poor wife crazy after 8 days away so I  had to keep on moving.

I could have done it in about 12-13 hours, but the breaks are necessary.  There is ample evidence along the side of the Sturt Highway between Hay and Balranald as to why this is so (see picture.)  I am also glad I did this stretch late morning, it would have been a struggle late evening especially after such an intense week.

Shows burned out car on side of road on Sturt Highway

At Wagga Wagga there is a RAAF base, which had a museum out the front.

Antique RAAF jet fighter

Some things were a bit funnier:


Anyway, it was a long trip.

I have uploaded the slides for my Open Programming Miniconf talk, Reducing Bugs with Boost/Test, here.

I am rather tired, and I still have unfinished homework from the conference I really should do this week, so I may or may not blog more about the conference a bit later.  For those who attended my talk, I thank you and hope you found it of some use.

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