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How to add a blog entry

How to add a blog entry

  1. Create a new file in the posts/ directory
  2. Filename is YYYY-MM-DD-article.markdown
  3. File has following top matter: ``` — layout: post slug: lower-hyphen-case-name title: “Sentence title” date: YYYY-MM-DD 01:00:00 categories:
    • tech tags:
    • javascript
    • html5
    • mapbox — ```
  4. Note that date might affect publishing…
  5. For convention article in the filename should match the value of slug in the YAML
  6. Push to github


Do not start tags with a number. It fails, and you don’t even get a useful error message…!







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Page linking: [https://stackoverflow.com/a/41213193]


  • remember to wrap raw links in [] or <>
  • to make a table scroll horizontala, wrap it in a div with whitespace and use a style to set overflow-x
  • internal page linking:
      [Part 1](\{\{ site.baseurl }}\{\% link _posts/filename.markdown %})
    • note the backslashes are not part of this - I need to stop kramdown from interpreting the above