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Linux.conf.au A First Timer Day 2

Again instead of focusing on tech stuff I am sharing my personal experiences, hopefully this may prove useful to others in the future.

There is a great First Timers Guide and of course the main site and wiki. But I thought I would make a list of some LCA hints and gotchas in no particular order (apart from coffee!) Note I personally only stumbled into some of these, the rest I have garnered in conversations and third hand… of course all involved remain anonymous…

  • Most important: Coffee. Get to the Cafe early so you have time to get served before keynote / session, there is a long queue in the morning!

  • During breaks just walk up to a table and introduce yourself - this really works well!

  • Get there Sunday arvo there is an Intro session (which I missed unfortunately)

  • Be prepared to become an event organiser if you suggest an event :-) - and a big thank you to the organising committee!

  • Don’t press ENTER to tweet too soon especially during a keynote

  • For those in accommodation, take care not to lose door passes, tags or accidentally let doors shut behind you

  • Don’t put empty coffee cups in your bag they can still leak the leftovers (yuck)

  • Secure (attach) your USB keys to something

  • If you don’t want to keep fiddling with your phone print out the schedule before you come (or get a better phone)

  • (Important) Take time out to reflect and take a breather and catch up it is easy to become overwhelmed.

I have been trying to keep track of everyone I meet and reply to all email and tweet and SMS but I think I will be fighting a loosing battle to keep that up - so sorry in advance especially as I have trouble with placing and remembering names and faces sometimes!

Edit - also, buy a raffle ticket.

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