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Gnucash ledger font

I use GnuCash to track our family finances, and find when I leave it a while to update my credit card spending, etc. I am forever scrolling up and down in the window. By default there are not that many lines displayed on my screen, so I decided to try and change the font.

Unfortunately there are no font options (other than for “checks” [1])… Eventually I found this post in the Gnucash mailing list archive.

So I created a new file ~/.gtkrc-2.0.gnucash and added the following

style "gnc-register"
  font_name    = "Sans 8"
widget "*.GnucashSheet" style "gnc-register"

Restart Gnucash and voila a full screen of entries.

These settings were tested on GnuCash 2.4.5 on Debian Squeeze. If you are using Gnucash on Windows your settings will be somewhere else…

[1] Here in Australia these are properly spelled as Cheques

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