Take a breather

Nov 11 2012 Published by under realworld

After an overly hectic six months I have a week off, woot!

I have a backlog of tech stuff to blog about.

I just purchased my ticket to LCA2013 in Canberra at the end of January. I am intending to get there Sunday arvo to go to the newcomers session, technically I am not a newcomer as such any more, but I missed it last year which was my first.

It turns out that I am going to get to OSDC in Sydney next month as well.

Fun times ahead :-)

While I was typing this, there was a bushfire (really a scrub fire) 20k north of our place – my wife is out there somewhere in command of a CFS truck. I took the photo an hour ago, and now I walked out for another look the smoke has subsided, so they seem to have it under control.Fire north of Avon

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Using SSHFS with a specific identity

Jan 06 2012 Published by under howto, linux

The program sshfs is a Linux tool which lets you mount a remote directory accessible via the SSH protocl as a filesystem over fuse. However it defaults to using ‘id_rsa’ as the SSH identity and there are no direct command line options for selecting an alternate identity, or for that matter other SSH parameters such as the TCP port to connect to.
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How to turn off smiley graphics in WordPress

Jan 01 2012 Published by under blog, howto

From the Dashboard:

Settings menu, Writing, then uncheck “Convert emoticons”

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Note to self – WordPress tweaks

Dec 11 2011 Published by under blog, howto

Having added some styles to style.css, remember to copy these over as required if I change the WordPress theme in the future!

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printf(“Hello World\n”);

Dec 08 2011 Published by under blog

Welcome to my blog.  This is the first entry.

My wife, who I love very much, is forever reminding me I have too much Old Computer Junk.

So I thought, what a great name for my blog, which will probably have a lot of computer related entries!

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